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What kind of screen for wall reinforcement plaster

In the construction industry in order to make the wall stronger, in order to let the plaster on the wall can more solid adsorption on the wall, often when the wall construction on the wall hang a layer of woven wire mesh products, woven wire net is wire mesh used in the construction industry in wall reinforced plaster work has been the favour of construction industry, because the screen of a very wide range, so what kind of wire mesh used as wall reinforced plaster work? After teng shun seriously thinking about the welded wire mesh, silk screen varieties of wall plaster are applied to the reinforcement of has three types: crimped wire mesh, steel mesh, welded wire mesh, let's say three kinds of wire mesh in the pros and cons of building wall reinforcement work.


First for the crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh and the other two kinds of wire mesh in comparison, the price is cheap, but the crimped wire mesh in the production process, if you want workers to use handmade, its workmanship is occupying most of the cost, if use machine production, there will be some surface, easy to crack.


Secondly talk about welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh is used for wall reinforcement is the most one kind of wire mesh products, but usually used for wall reinforcement is welded wire mesh is not galvanized iron wire, its thickness in 1 mm or so commonly, if the wire diameter is not satisfied, can also directly and prancing along the wire net communication and negotiation, but because is not made of galvanized wire, so there is no enough on the corrosion protection, if it is galvanized after welded wire mesh of the price will be a little expensive.


Finally the steel net as wall reinforcement materials, for with the current level of consumption, steel mesh as the premise of reinforcement materials than the crimped wire mesh and welded wire mesh costs will be high many, but at the same time, steel net as the wall reinforcement material the price is quite high, compared to steel plate mesh and crimped wire mesh and welded wire mesh has the very good durability.

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