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Welded wire mesh as building open mesh welding phenomenon, h

Welded wire mesh USES one of the most important purpose is used as a building mesh, welded wire mesh as a mesh architecture not only can make buildings play a better role of bearing, but also can ensure the structure of the metope of level off, the metope of lime and buildings are not fall off, but often used in the construction of mesh welded wire mesh products will appear different degrees of open or unstable situation of welding, welding for welding from welding and welding unstable situation, we conducted a series of investigation and study, there are two causes of the welding from welding:


First, we know that the welded wire mesh is through welding net machine will warp and weft welded together to form a network of products, through the electric welding net machine welding, if the surface of the wire used by some stains or oily be soiled, through mechanical welding will be very easy to cause welding from the situation of the welding, so it is important to note that when welding wire net, once found a stain on the wire or oily be soiled, must be cleaned before welding.


Second, welded wire mesh is welded together by welding net machine, welding machine in welding process, welding time and welding pressure time must be consistent, otherwise the consequence will be unimaginable, as we all know, wire welding machine in welding wire net, two iron wires welding to will and firm, voltage, current and welding time of these three to cooperate to strong strong welds welded wire mesh, so welding from the phenomenon of welding, because one of the factors is no good control, so if you want to weld the strong strong welded wire mesh is to do a good job of quality control.


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