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Welded wire mesh in the process of rural urbanization plays

With the continuous development of rural urbanization, urbanization the word is no longer strange for people, with the development of the era, countries have been promoting the rural urbanization has been ramping up, but for ordinary people, is the specific concept of the rural urbanization is some bias, it is generally thought of rural urbanization is widely in countryside construction of high-rise buildings, let farmers live on building, actually this view is very one-sided, in fact, the scope of the rural urbanization is not only tall buildings in rural construction, let farmers to live in apartments that simple, rural urbanization includes the construction of rural roads, as well as the construction of rural security protection facilities, only good highway construction, the security of farmers, so as to let farmers friends to make agricultural production.


Safety protection of rural urbanization in question is not the application of welded wire mesh, can lose, welded wire mesh as the rural urbanization construction safety protection facilities, including a very important role in the urbanization construction. It is known that zhejiang local remote rural has been urbanization construction under the impetus of the government, but the narrow winding road in the countryside, because the roads in the mountains, and along the road without any safety protection, walk up and very dangerous, in order to promote the country's urbanization construction, national investment to build the rural roads, road on both sides of the installation of the welded wire mesh fence, add the safe-haven lane at the same time, improve the road traffic signs, let all roads leading to the countryside, to guarantee the security further let farmers travel safer.


Welded wire mesh in the countryside play an indispensable role in urban construction, guarantee the farmers' security, let farmers in the process of work more secure, more at ease. I believe that in the future in the construction of urbanization, welded wire mesh will play a more important role, make more contribution for the rural urbanization construction.

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