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Corrugated nails

  Corrugated nail: for connecting wood, and asbestos, plastic tile fixed
  * category: nail - corrugated nails
  * nominal diameter: mm 2.8-4.2
  * length: 40-80mm
  * surface treatment method: zinc plating, polishing
  Name: boony roofing nail, an umbrella cap, hemp rod. Surface plating treatment
  Specification: 9BWG*2 "1/2 10BWG*2" "10BWG*2" 1/2 9BWG*2"
  1/5 11BWG*2 "" 1/5 12BWG*2 "8BWG*2" 1/2 "8BWG*3" or "11BWG*1" or "12BWG*1"
  Packing: general export packing (25KG/ box, 7 lb 8 box / box, 1KG/ box and then box)
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