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Black Annealed Wire

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Black annealed wire

  Process and Technology:
  Black annealed wire is made of Q195 and Q235 wire rod drawn as raw materials. After selecting the raw materials by about 1000 ° high temperature and then cooled to a suitable speed. The purpose is to reduce the hardness, improving machine ability; eliminate residual stress, stable size, reduced distortion and cracking tendency; refined grains, adjust the organization and eliminate tissue defects.
  Black Iron Wire is a kind of hard drawn carbon steel wire, suitable for weaving, fencing, galvanizing or tying applications. For example, it's widely used in construction or daily use as binding material. Besides, Mainly used in construction, mining, chemical, welded mesh, welded hangers, and then processing. Soft annealed wire, increase flexibility, doing construction tie wire, and has good steel bandings.
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